Enhancing Access to Work Support

Using an external assessor to provide recommendations for reasonable adjustment can enhance the Access to Work experience. A specialist assessor will complete a work based assessment and produce a report that can be presented to Access to Work for funding.

This can be provided as a work based assessment or as part of a diagnostic assessment (hidden disability), bringing several benefits to the employer including:

    •     A fast tracked process for assessment and provision of report
    •     Tailored to your HR/OH requirements
    •     Recommendations for the most relevant and cost effective solution to meet reasonable adjustment
    •     Significant savings against typical recommendations
    •     Management involvement
    •     Recruitment and retention

A significant advantage of this service is receiving a report written with the best interests of both the employer and employee. This ensures a realistic solution is recommended in a short time frame, ensuring staff are supported with speed and consistency.   
We provide a named account manager you can contact for advice about the relevance and effectiveness of any recommendation. We will monitor the effectiveness with the employee/manager and seek to resolve and refine the solution before further difficulties